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Murano Glass



Bottega Veneziana made genuine murano chandeliers. Our team of artisans are skilled glassmaster with decade of experience in glass blowing.

The furnace is locate into the industrial area of Venice, close to international Marco Polo airport. We are able to produce and reproduce all kind of murano glass illuminative solutions: from classic and traditional style to contemporary design. Custom made chandeliers or bespoke lights is our specialty, having the skill and experience to transform your idea into a genuine murano glass light solution.

Bottega Veneziana work usually with professionals, interiors, designers and light designers giving them support and solutions for their projects. We garantee best price and respect of the agreed lead time.

Special service is dedicated to consumers. Our catalogues have more than 300 murano chandeliers models and each of them can be customize to fit clients desire. Our experience and skill can help you to make your murano dream come true.

Bottega Veneziana provide worldwise home delivery: cheapest and fasted. Secure and strong cardboard-box package protect the chandelier from damage. On demand, package could be made with wooden crates. Spare parts are supply also.

Luxury murano chandeliers such Rezzonico or huge contract lights installation is another special service we dedicate to professionals. We can offer very competitive prices and hight quality standard.We are able to reproduce any kind of Rezzonico and can make assembly and installation on site with our experienced staff.

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