Murano Chandelier | Bottega Veneziana
Artistic Blown Glass Murano

Style Classico

E' il desiderio che crea ciò che è desiderabile, è il progetto che pone il fine.

// Simone de Beauvoir

In classic style, one single central stem, pin of the chandelier, constituted by a metal structure covered by blown glass. In large chandeliers this structure is more complex. Around to the stem are attached the arms. Every single pieces is handmade time to time. For huge chandeliers the arms are made in metal with little pieces of blown glass call "bossette" tucked into the stem.

The decorations are flowers, leaves, pastoral, curly, pendants radiating from the central structure. They are arranged so as to alternate and overlap with the arms according to the desired templates or the imagination of the Glass master. Sometimes in the arms pendants are inserted to give a greater embellishment. The originality and quality of Venetian Murano blown glass chandelier is render by the ability the master glassmaker proportion of all the elements that make up the chandelier so that it is balanced and pleasing to the eye.

Some installation