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Murano Glass Furnace. Artistic working of Murano Glass



Are you looking for a particular Murano Glass Chandelier?
Do you need specific dimensions, colors, decorations, lights?
Have you seen a beautifull chandelier hang out in a showroom,
into an decor magazine, a web site?

// Venice Furnace

Today you can furnish your home with original and unique Murano glass chandeliers. Our "tailoring" service allows you to have a supply of original Venetian chandeliers, unique pieces designed for your home. We are able to follow you from the idea up to installation: step by step. You can visit our factory to discuss the details of the project or we can send some samples. Colors, shapes, sizes, patterns, modeling, every particular of your lighting project can be agreed to "dress perfectly" your home with unique and original chandeliers.

Illuminative complex structures: up to 80 lights. Rezzonico chandeliers of considerable size manufactured and installed in more occasions; Countless variations on existing models to fit shapes, colors and sizes to the places where you had to enter the chandeliers. We can make your chandeliers based on a drawing, a photograph, a sketch, an idea, looking for the best functional solution creating unique and original works of light. Particular attention is given also to the economic indications of the customer to ensure the best value for money. A phone call, an email where you explain your need and you will get a quickly quote with the best price.